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While banks are reviewing your customers,
we're funding them.

Currency’s Express Technology allows us to get a complete financial picture of your clients. We can approve them within 3 minutes at point-of-sale and fund them immediately. Often times we offer an equipment line-of-credit which funds them at up to 350% of what they applied for, helping them to purchase additional equipment.

Currency Marketplace searches thousands of loans to find the right one. Nothing compares to that.

Currency Marketplace makes equipment financing fast and easy for you and your clients. By searching our giant network of lenders and financiers, we find the best options for the situation. $50,000 in construction equipment? Check. $70,000 worth of restaurant supplies? Piece of cake.

Our technology doesn’t just help you finance essential equipment, it is essential equipment.

In addition to equipment financing, Express Technology offers a variety of additional uses and benefits. Our easy-to-install API allows vendors to offer financing from their e-commerce site. For lenders, we can help validate applicant’s information and credit status, as well as manage a host of servicing duties. And our CRM can help any business attract and maintain customers.

Apparently, they like what we're selling.

Currency is used on many of the top online sales and auction sites. By installing our API and offering financing directly from their site, they’ve all seen increases in sales as well as customer satisfaction.